Jali Stuff

I’ve been sick and haven’t, until now, been inspired to write.

I cancelled my date on New Year’s Eve since my cough and sniffles would add nothing to the festivities.

I’m waiting until 10 or so this morning  to cancel my date for tonight, but it’s not my cold this time.

Cool guy I met a while back called me and we’ve been speaking quite a bit lately. (over the phone cold therapy) He stopped over yesterday and came back after work last night and he’s upstairs asleep as I write.

Coughs and sniffles aren’t conducive to hot sex, so no, I’m still waiting, but his company and sweetness made a big difference to me.

There’s a generational difference between us, but he’s the first man I’ve met since “A” that makes me giggle  (very important to me) and who I feel entirely comfortable with all the time. He gets my jokes – he gets me. He woke up, saw the “first thing in the morning” look, and didn’t scream and jump out the window. He actually smiled and rolled back over.

I really like his natural scent – clean and manly – good stuff!

My bathroom is right off the bedroom and I had to turn on the water to disguise the accompanying sounds my body insists on making as soon as I close the door. Yes! I fart, dudes. Regularly. Loud, loud first thing in the morning farts. Ride or die farts. What the hell did I eat farts.

The covers were shaking when I finally came out of the bathroom, so I guess I cracked him up.  He didn’t say a word, and neither did I.

I’m going to take mucho medicine right now since I need this cold to end. I got stuff to do!



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16 responses to “Jali Stuff

  1. That is really cute. Maybe he’ll sing and dance backup in the grocery store.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Ride or die farts! Gotta love those morning farters! I personally call it my alarm clock..I can set my watch to my husband’s “time to get up and go to work” toots!!! 🙂

  3. Lex

    I’m sorry. It says SOOO much that you can fart like a champ with someone you haven’t even had sex with. So, am I following this right? You’re canceling date number 2 for the guy who laughs at your farts?

  4. Um, I LOVE this post! And I am not going to say more than that….Get over that cold and get back to writing the next scene!

  5. Okay Jali…have you ever asked yourself when blogging, “Maybe I’m saying a bit too much?” Nah…you haven’t, and I’m glad! LOL! FUNNY POST!!!

  6. All my gas comes at work and gives me an excuse to step out…my body even hates it here.

  7. LBB

    Why Jali. Doesn’t your flatulence come in little baggies sealed with red bows?

    I hope that cold leaves you alone long enough to get busy.

  8. I don’t care how steamy the sex MIGHT be…Not being able to breath, while “getting it on” is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get all excited!


    I am struggling w/ my cold/flu too!
    Hope you feel better!

  9. katrice0321

    Stuff to do alright!! Go Jali!

  10. Ha! This is hilarious.

    Welcome back, hun. Sorry you’re poorly but holy hell, get yourself some Ricolas and a nice germ-killing whisky and tell us what’s happening next! You fucking rock by the way.

  11. its always a good sign if they show they care when you’re sick

  12. OH SHIT!!!! Did you say “ride or die farts”?! If he’s laughing at your farts, he’s a keeper.

    Get some for me too. I think I need to blog about all the sex I’m not getting. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Feel better and get back into bed. 🙂

  14. Just the fact that he’s willing to catch your germs w/o any sex says a lot.

    Feel better soon! You do have stuff to do.

  15. oh.

    FARTS?! around company?!
    girl, that is my next blog post! lol


    i agree. men who smell like men… so sexy.

  16. A guy that laughs at your farts?

    Hold on to that one, Jali!

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