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Wear ORANGE on Friday as a protest, on the SIX YEAR anniversary :

January 11, 2008 will mark 6 years since the first 20 prisoners arrived at Guantánamo Bay Cuba. Since then, 775 prisoners have passed through the gates and no trials have been completed.

As a symbol of freedom and democracy throughout the world, the United States must hold itself to our own high standards. When we resort to the use of torture, abuse, and indefinite detention we lower ourselves to the level of our enemies and defy the basic values that we hold dear. Guantánamo Bay has tarnished the reputation of the United States and makes a mockery of our core values. It is time to call once and for all for the United States to CLOSE GUANTÁNAMO!

Stand with us on January 11 and let’s prove that those who would advocate for a lower standard are on the wrong side of the law… the wrong side of core American values… and the wrong side of history. Take the pledge now and stand strong in support of justice.



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4 responses to “Real Stuff

  1. Torture is against every convention ever signed by our nation or others. But I don’t think any change will occur there or anywhere until the next president, and only if we elect the right one, which in my view is Obama. He is also the only candidate with a time frame for ending the war.

    Core American values, as you put it, have taken a huge hit under the present administration, and it won’t be easy to correct even with the best of intentions. But closing Guantanamo would be a start.

  2. LBB

    I adore Gitmo. I find it refreshing that terrorists scumbags don’t get to abuse our domestic justice system.

    If you want Geneva Conventions, put on a uniform and fight for a country. If you’re a mercenary or a terrorist or an insurgent, get ready for a pair of panties over your head and some waterboarding.

    Being the nice guy didn’t help on 9/11. Let’s try being tyrants for a while. It works for Chavez and Castro.

  3. Peace,

    I guess I missed the boat. I can’t keep up with all of these protests. I’m thinking about opening up an email account specifically for sending and receiving notifications of protests, sit-ins, boycotts and insurrections. It’s past time that the revolution (at least on my end) went digital.

    BTW, I’d like to start the 2008 Nominations for Best Dismissive, Shlocky Right Wing Quote with this one right here: “I Love Gitmo.”

  4. My mistake…

    It was “I ADORE Gitmo.” Gotta get it right.

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