MVP Stuff (some cute pants stuff first)


Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. (It’s getting hot in here!)

Okay – back to bin’ness.

The Giants’ Defense should be awarded a special MVP based on their giving 100% EVERY SINGLE PLAY OF THE GAME!!! 



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8 responses to “MVP Stuff (some cute pants stuff first)

  1. Awa

    Why oh WHYYYYYY must you TORTURE me SOOOO????!! You know its been a dang hot minute and a chick is bout to BURST!

    Ok, not really, but that photo makes me want to fall off of the celibacy wagon and onto the football field.

  2. Kiyotoe

    The “D” definitely deserves all the love. They smacked the Patriots in the mouth the whole game.

    Made me proud to be a Jerseyan. And technically the Giants play in Jersey so they should be our team, but it’s cool. 😉

  3. Kiyotoe, the Giants are your team as long as you root for them. Regardless of where they play! 🙂 And Jali, most definitely. If a defense ever rose to the challenge, it was that one. They were like Buzzards rushing to the carcass. I read that in one of my comments someone left today and it seemed so appropriate. Way to go Geee-Men. World Champions. Damn Jali, that sounds sooo good don’t it luv?

  4. Glad they won. I was sick of the Patriots winning all the time. I feel about them like I did the Larry Bird, Danny Ainge Celtic team of the late 80’s, early 90’s.

  5. you know i may not be a big football fan but i am a fan of men tackling other men in tight pants…so i guess that does make me a football fan huh???

  6. Oh my! What a fabby great big…catch!

  7. Whew, is it hot in here or just me?? Yes, so glad the Giants won. 😉

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