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superstition-paradigm.jpgThe building I work in has 13 floors, but to get to the 13th floor, you need to press the number 14. In the year 2008, superstition is so well ingrained in our culture that we consistantly delude ourselves. How does one develop triskaidekaphobia – or more accurately, why is this phobia the building standard?

Does it actually make anyone feel better to pretend that there is no 13th floor in any building in the USA? Are people working on the 7th floor of any building luckier than others since it’s perceived that the number 7 is a “good” number?

I’ve actually seen someone in line at the grocery store buy another item, since her change from her real purchase was $6.66 and she refused to take it. She refused to accept money due to her and bought an unneccessary item. I’ll happily take any amount of money and put in in the bank and I’ll never understand giving away good money. Who believes that a “devil” cares about a number or the reverse, that a “god” cares about a number?

What happens if you’re the 666th person who happens to do anything? The 666th immigrant – the 666th person listed in the telephone book – the 666th person to recieve a degree?

Should we avoid contact with our 13 month old children since they’re supposedly safer at 14 months old? How about our 13 year old children? (never mind – 13 years old really is a dangerous time)

My cat named John Starks was black and certain people avoided him, explaining to me that my cat brought bad luck. WTF?

Walking down the street with certain people is amusing since they don’t want to “split the pole” and my goal is to see how many times I can make them actually backtrack so the pole isn’t split. Funny as hell!

The only danger in walking under a ladder is if someone about the ladder drops something on your head.

Remember Stevie Wonder’s song “Superstition”? “…if you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you’ll suffer…superstition ain’t the way…”



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10 responses to “Superstition Stuff

  1. Good question, im only superstious of bad cooking, but wonder what three six mafia would say

  2. Ha! That floor assigned “14” is still the 13th! I don’t understand why the name, not the fact, is what is so horrible. Here, there’s a building with a hidden 13th floor accessible only via stairs. I guess they either don’t hire anyone with mobility issues, or that’s where they shove the people w/ the healthiest knees.

    I think black cats are lucky, and I’ve paid $6.66 at CVS more than once; I thought it was cool. If only that woman realized that adding her change to her wallet would negate the $6.66.

    I am selectively superstitious and claustrophobic, but right now, I can’t think of a superstition I indulge.

  3. I can’t front; I’m a lil superstitious about some things. After my highest scoring game in highschool, I made sure that I ALWAYS wore the same socks that I wore that game in every game afterward. My mom was PISSED b/c I’d be washing them (and little else) so frequently. I didn’t have another game like that one, but I did have more confidence then that I would be able to.

  4. Jali – Gurrlll, this crax me up, too! People got so many issues – this is just another to throw on the heap. LOL! Thanx for the luv in your blog roll – u r THE BEST!

    Also, if paypal’s acting too crazy u can always send check or M.O. to the P.O. box posted over at We really appreciate your support AND your persistence, Jali! U gonna HAFTA come out when we have an event in da ATL, so I can give U a Big Ol’ Country THANK ya HUG! LOL!

  5. I’m with you girl. I mean, the 14th floor is STILL the 13th floor with another name tagged to it. Silly silly…rabbit’s foot is also funny. The rabbit that’s gimpin around obviously didn’t get too much luck out of that foot! 😀

  6. I don’t know. All I remember is that at 06.06.06 am on the morning of my 13th birthday – my head turned all the way around and I projectile vomited a slimy green imp right across the room. I thought it was just a cold – but now you have me wondering…

  7. I’m very superstitious:
    I make sure that the toilet lid is up when I pee

    I’ll shake the door knob to be sure it’s locked and check for my keys before I close it

    I put my socks on before I put on my shoes.

    When I read or write, I start at the beginning–on the left side, not the right

    I look at the bottom of a coffee cup before someone pours coffee in it (if someone brings me a cup with coffee in it, I will ask them to bring me an empty cup; I’ve gotten to where I ask for an empty cup then the coffee)

    Oh my goodness. I’m not superstitious. I’m scared!

  8. Awa

    I am supersti…..supersti…superstishhhhhhouuussshhh
    too. Some times. (like how I played off not knowing how to spell that! I am so cool like that!) Where I am from folks believe in voodoo. My mom’s friend Boozey, to this day swears her alcoholism is because someone put ROOTS on her. Yep. Roots.

  9. katrice0321

    I like the way Mitch Hedberg put it. If you think you are on the 14th floor, jump out the window. You will die earlier.

  10. OK, I’m in agreement with everything you wrote about superstition. But I just have one question: why the hell is/was your cat named “John Starks?”

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