I Don’t Like It Stuff – A Rant in Many Parts

I’ve said some of these before and because of a recent incident I’m going to restate my feelings.


‘Cause this is MY house!

Cell phones – it’s rude to interrupt the peace of everyone around you EVERY TIME you get a phone call. Important business I understand. Calls from the baby sitter get automatic passes.  I’m talking about those random phone calls about NOTHING that you could take at any other time. It’s rude to take a nonsense call: 1. On an elevator – the space is too close and we don’t want to hear it! 2. On the bus or train – again, the space is too close and we don’t want to hear it. 3. On line to buy something – generally okay, but if using the phone renders you unable to complete your transaction, then the phone must go. 4. In my company. I refuse to play second fiddle to any and everyone who just happens to call you – I’m walking away.

While I’m on the topic of phones: I was always taught certain telephone manners: As a caller, greet whoever is answering the call, identify oneself, then ask to speak to whoever. I answer phones all day as a receptionist and many callers ask, “is _______ there?”. I want to answer their direct question with a yes or no… and then wait until they do better, but I will not be rude, so I generally respond, “I’ll try ______’s line for you and leave it at that.

I don’t like vague or mundane messages on my voicemail. “Gimme a call.” is wasting my time. I can see by the “missed call” message on my phone that I missed your call and I can figure out that you probably want to speak to me since you did call. If I go into the voicemail system and wait for the slow-ass system to finally give me my message and I press one to play message and I hear,” gimme a call” I am pissed. Give me a reason if you’re going to leave a message : “got two tickets…” “I’m coming over”, something. Shit.

Because we are assaulted by TMI on television doesn’t mean that I’m willing to discuss my personal stuff with everyone I meet, and I think it’s rude to ask certain questions in certain situations.  Someone I know very casually asked where I’d been and I explained that I had taken time off from skating due to surgery. That should have been the end of the conversation since I don’t really know this guy very well, but nooooo, he needed to know everything and asked what type of surgery I had. He actually winced when I told him about the uterectomy (NO – I don’t call it the hysteria word) and I grabbed his arm and made him listen to details he really didn’t want to hear.  Bet he wished he hadn’t gone all TMZ on me.

What’s up with the lack of thank you notes? As a kid, my mother would kill me if I didn’t send a brief note of thanks to anyone who took the time to send me a gift (whether I liked the gift or not) – she taught me to be a gracious person and I appreciate her lesson. Why isn’t this lesson taught anymore? I bought holiday gifts for a child of a friend and I’ve heard nothing at all. Understand, I don’t give a gift to get a thank you – I just wonder why the parents aren’t teaching their children any better. 

Here’s another – I received an invitation to a wedding shower, but I’m not invited to the wedding – what kind of bullshit – buy me something greed is this? This is not one of those office things – no – this is an acquantance.  I wish you well, but nothing from Neiman Marcus from me.

You all know my position on tipping. WTF is wrong with some people? Cheap asses!

That Burger King commercial with the guy with the tiny hands creeps me out! Good editing though. Speaking of commercials – I want to smack that lady who talks down to her husband when he’s stuck doing their income taxes. She says,”talk to the box.” I want to smack her with the box. What a bitch.

Speaking of commercial(iazation)… Flavor of Love  3.  Stupido! Stupido! Stupido!

One excellent thing – the man I’m sleeping with (she says proudly to the world) and I had the Valentine’s Day talk today. I asked him to be my valentine, he agreed. We’re done! No candy, no cards, no bullshit.  Ahhhhhhh.



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10 responses to “I Don’t Like It Stuff – A Rant in Many Parts

  1. LOL ;o) I like that commercial where the wife is all sarcastic…implying that her husband is a tard for using the “box”…then again, I also kinda want to smack her too!!!

    I am w/ you on the BK commercial. Hands…*shivers*

    The phone messages, annoy me and take my precious min. I am the same. I will phone back when I can.

    I play w/ my students when they say, “may I ask you a question”…I reply, You just did!!!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Don’t hold back now. Seriously, preach on. Especially about the cheap asses and the cell phone rudeness. Matter of fact? I liked it all.

  3. OMG! I think I found my long lost sister! Finally, someone who understands. Cell phones tick me off, mannerless folks irk the piss out of me and I can’t stand the greed of some folks.

    It’s nice to know I’m not swimming in this pool alone.


  4. i think the cell phone commercial with the mini versions of the people doing work while the big people talk is soooooo creepy…. yuck! and the dq commercial where the shrimp are eating popcorn shrimp – who thought cannibalism sells????

  5. Lex

    What the hell does “be my valentine” mean, anyway?

  6. Man…I SO want to just tap a mofo on the shoulder and tell em, “Dude…if I wanted to know what was going on with your mortgage, your finances, your side-chick, I would ask. Please…lower your volume or shut the fcuk up!” I can’t STAND rude assed cell-phone users….or the silly fcuks who drive horribly b/c they’re either trying to talk on their phone or are texting. SMDH….

  7. Whoo-hoo! When I stop typing, I will applaud.

    I generally ignore people who may be calling out to me on the street, but now, I get to assume they’re on a phone! And what is with the morons who apologize for poor reception in the elevator? The elevator didn’t get in the way of your call!

    I know someone who’s offended when I won’t give details. I think (s)he can’t imagine (s)he won’t want them, or they’re not appropriate for our surroundings. Sigh. Maybe next time I’ll ask myself what you would do. You know, WWJD? Hey, you could get some merchandise w/ that on it for the shower lady. Do you think it’s rude to attend w/out a gift?

    Happy Valentine’s to the happy valentines.

  8. omg you’re so right about those damn “wedding announcements” but oh yeah, no, you’re not invited, just get us stuff.

    bullshit is soooo right.

    and yes, i don’t need to hear people’s cell phone conversations when i’m just trying to buy my groceries. if you can’t keep that shit to a dull roar, stfu and hang up.

  9. I always want the dude in the tax commercial to kirk out. “Maybe if your womb wasn’t all dried up we would have some more deductions!!!!”

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