Old Stuff (My Teenage Years – A Pictorial)








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18 responses to “Old Stuff (My Teenage Years – A Pictorial)

  1. omg. i want a king collar so bad. i actually bought a trench coat at a flea market with a butterfly collar. unfortunately it go lost during our move last year and i’m still mourning the loss of my beautiful retro coat.

  2. LAWDHAMERCY!!! The only thing up there that never went out of style were the Newports! Ha! But damn near everything else has come back!

  3. wow, talk about making a fashion statement!

  4. Lex

    Wow!! I bet you were a hot mama! I’d wear that first pair of sandals now. I swear I would!

    Wow! I can’t wait until my kids are dressing like I dress now during “Spirit Week” at school!

  5. The king collar is hysterical.

  6. Call me crazy, but I still love those shoes.

  7. christina_the_wench

    How did they ever disco in those shoes? Those are pimpin’, girl.

  8. I want a pair of shoes, one butterfly collar shirt and the pink/red stilletos…anyone have a pole so I can start my new job???


  9. Call me crazy, but I think the platform shoes for the guys would look great with my suits or my very cool jeans that RG Daughter bought me. I cannot wait to show these fashion “Do’s” to a certain friend.

  10. Wow, a blast from the past! I still love me some platform shoes and funk music. 🙂

  11. Lex

    You know what? I need you to embrace the art of responding to comments. Really. I do.

  12. Awa





    Noone will ever know you were born in 1457 if you don’t say so.

    I promise.

    Castro has stepped down and he promises not to tell if you don’t tell he is really dead.




  13. I kind of liked the ultra-platform shoes because I’m short. I wore them with bell bottoms, Indian gauze blouses and lots of silver jewelry.

    This was a fun drive-by. Thanks!

  14. Oh my goodness, those collars! But I LOVE the shoes. Especially the red ones.

    Speaking of teenage years, I tagged you. Come see!

  15. Flagg Brothers!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the memory from my youth!!!

  16. That is a mighty collar.

  17. Kiyotoe

    That ad for the King collar is off the chain!
    The exact type of ad that would have had me out in the store looking for my navy blue king collar shirt.


  18. Man I miss those days.
    Those platforms and large afro almost made me 6 feet tall lol

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