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The great writer from the west coast losangelista has tagged me and because I’m a lousy blogger, I haven’t done my homework yet. If you’re reading these words… YOU”RE IT!1. Post these rules before presenting your list.
2. List 6 actions or achievements you think every person should accomplish before turning 18.
3. There are no conditions on what can be included on the list.
4. At the end of your blog, choose 6 people to get tagged and list their names.
5. People who are tagged write their own blog entry with their 6 suggestions.

6. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

I’ll be back today to do this. Promise!

I guess we see that my promises…um -well… Sorry.

1. Understand our basic political process. 

2. Learn that everything in print is not the truth.

3. Handle a budget – and learn to save.

4. Apply for a job and work hard.

5. Learn the love of reading.

6. Love yourself more than anyone you date. 



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6 responses to “Tagged Stuff

  1. Ummmm…it’s got to be later now? Right? 😉

  2. AHHHHHHHH dang it to heck!!! The one day I come over to visit…YOU have homework?!?!?!?
    ~snaps fingers~

  3. Lex

    Um, today is almost over!

  4. I can’t think of six of them, but I definitely think people should finish or be almost finished with high school by the time they are 18 — dropping out is not an option. That’s what I tell my kids.

    So then… where are your six things?

  5. Have a full-time job for a summer.

    Balance a checkbook.

    Learn to cook and have one dish you can call your “specialty.”

    Read any number of books just for fun, not because they were assigned.

    Keep a journal in high school, keep the journal forever, re-read it when you have kids in high school.

    Don’t panic when you can’t decide about college.

    Vote in the first election that you are eligible for after you turn 18

  6. I wish somebody had told me EVER to love myself more than anyone I dated. I would have had a much happier life.

    I already did this one so I’m excusing myself from your tag, Jali.

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