Apology and Explanation Stuff

Hi everyone –

This is my apology post. (how many times have I done this???)

Okay-  I rejoined BlackPlanet (the world is yours) and I’ve been on that site every single day this week.  http://www.blackplanet.com/jalicook/




I’ve been on their rating system. See guys, you post a photo of yourself and submit it for rating by any member of the community. You can also rate any member’s photo they’ve submitted.

The first day, I was happy. My ratings were 9s and10s and my little ego turned into a big monster. I felt like I was one of the cool kids again (if anyone claims that I wasn’t one of the cool kids in high school – well – you’re a damn liar – I was! I really was!) (for a chick in a Catholic School uniform and afro puffs). The message on my page from BlackPlanet didn’t help: you’re hotter than 90% of the women on Blackplanet. Oooh. Mamma likes.

The second day, my ratings began to slide. What! I checked the faces of the ones who were rating me. How could this be? An 8 – naw man. I don’t want to be an 8. Look at my ratings from yesterday – I was a solid 9 yesterday… I tried to penetrate the minds of those voting that day.  I sent my “vote high” vibrations all over the website hoping to make a change.

The third day the slide developed into a freefall to the bottom of the ratings. Somebody gave me a 2. Yes – a 2! Was this ratings karma? Did I make a mistake in scoring someone else. Oh no – now my average is gonna suck!

The fourth day was a recovery day of sorts, but I didn’t see any new 9s or 10s. I was getting 7s and 8s. What! Maybe I can contact these people before they rate me and do something to influence their votes. Make them understand that my poor little ego needs to be fed. By strangers. On a webs….

This is when I had my “aha!” moment. What the hell do I care what rating some stranger in Minneapolis gives me. I love myself. Damn – how did I let myself get into the scoring system as though I didn’t know better. There are some truly interesting photos of people on the site and I’ve enjoyed rating them. (I don’t rate anyone less than a 7 unless they’re using a “stock” photo.)

I’ve found a few old online buddies and I’ve had quite a few good email conversations on the site. I just joined a group of people who wear their hair in locs – it’s been pretty good so far. Hopefully I can break my addiction – this is my first step : posting – and begin my recovery.

I’ll say it: My name is jali and I’m an egomaniac.



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22 responses to “Apology and Explanation Stuff

  1. Awwww Jali….you’ll always be a 10 in my book! I befell the exact same thing and started suffering from ratings madness.

  2. Everyone has different tastes, so you can’t take some people’s stupid opinions personally. lol!

    I think you’re a 10 too. 🙂

  3. they only scale to a 10. oh momma, you’re a 20 in my book! 🙂 And a midget’s opinion overrides everyone else’s so how about them apples!

    let’s start a egomaniac club together, we’ll have meetings in a room full of mirrors and talk about how fwwiine we all be! haha!

  4. I would suggest that I am the President of that club as I am totally satisfied with my belief in my greatness…the opinions of others? These matter not.

  5. I couldn’t do that. I don’t even want to know what someone will rate me.

  6. Long ago I discovered that I possessed an aura that I have since labeled as “The Luscious.” I figured those who disagreed of inferior intelligence and quite possibly doubly related to themselves.

    Yeah…I’m an egomaniac too…

  7. I would be too frightened to post a pic in the first place, so good for you!

  8. Ahhh.. good ol’ black planet. I do truly miss that place.. look me up Jali. If my old page is still up there that is… I’m Fantasy. The 1, the only, the ORIGINAL!!! Luv ya. To the perfect 10!!!

  9. You have wit, intelligence, and an incredible radio voice.

    Accept nothing less than an 11.

  10. Hi Jali,

    You’re a 10. Definitely a 10. And it’s good to see you again.


  11. c

    Geez I stop blogging for a couple of months and Jali loses her mind.

  12. I tried to give you a 26 but it said I ain’t an exclusive member 😉

    Hope all is well with you Jali!

    Jonesboro? I’m moving to Gwinnett county!

  13. A little something for the ego from RG Planet: Every time I share the photo I took of you and Lex when we met for lunch, the compliments to you both are unmatched.

  14. Awa

    I had an account there. From the beginnings. Posting in my sequin bra and red cowboy hat….I thought I was IT.

    Then I grew up, settled in my wrinkles and decided the world was against me. Damn those TEENAGERS and thier high tech cell phones!

    I am not content with stalking celebs on Myspace and sending friend requests.

    If Dave Chapelle doesn’t add me I will be highly pissed off.

  15. You are so a ten baby, don’t even sweat it

  16. Of course you’re a ten. The people who underrated you only did it so they would look better by comparison.

  17. The image that they’re rating is not you. So a 1 is
    as good as a 10. We’re looking at electronic images of images of images and in the end the only beauty that one can see is the beauty that he or she recognizes.

  18. katrice0321

    Forget those people. They just don’t know good goddess when they see it!

    I had (probably still have) a page there, but I got frightened. I felt like I had wandered into the wrong club on a Friday night.

  19. Nothing wrong with being an egomaniac.
    At least that’s what I tell myself.

    BlackPlanet got me into a whole lot of trouble back in the day. In fact, BlackPlanet is the reason I don’t have a Facebook or MySpace account. I’m in a happy relationship and an egomaniac such as myself knows where not to tempt the hand of fate.

    In other words, “can’t get burned if you don’t play with the fire”. Yup, that’s me.

  20. Hey, Jali!

    It’s March 14th and I heard about the tornado touching down in Atlanta. Are you ok?

    Please send up a signal and take care of yourself.

  21. You are a nice looking lady…I’d do…anything for a Klondike bar (you like how I flipped that).

    Thanks for checking up on a brother the other day. You caught me off guard cause you called me from a different number that’s not in my phone, but thanks for the love anyway.

    Oh, here’s a video, just for you.


  22. I gave you a 10 !
    Course I only rate 4.5.. DANG

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