Photo Stuff

fat-baby.jpg This is a cute little fat baby. I just like the photo!

jesus_klon.gif Hi-larious – to me.

bush-warning.jpg18.jpg18.jpgI’d work for these folks!

granny.jpgI know, bad for one’s health.



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14 responses to “Photo Stuff

  1. Hell that old lady is hardcore.

  2. Very funny post, doll. Good to see you on again 🙂

  3. Jesus, they start those Sumo wrestlers young.

  4. Hey Jali — Gurl this post is too funneee! U know I had to come by & give ya BIG Ole COUNTRY Cyber HUG!!! THANK ya THANK ya THANK ya for the book response! I’m SOO glad U like it (& have been pushing it, too!;-). I caYn’t wait to meet u at the ATL event! U know that’s all I’m doing now – getting my hustle on! but i had to peek in & say THANX!!

  5. Lex

    Well, apparently not that bad for HER health at least.

    Love that label!

  6. katrice0321

    LOL – That is the best clothing label. God bless free speech!

  7. LOL…bad for her health but who cares? She’s a hundred!!

  8. Lord, the arms on that baby…

    And welcome back — you’ve been missed!

  9. Bambi Superstar

    swear to gawd that is my great grandmother..She smoked 2 packs a day her whole life and still lived to almost 90…hehehhe

    Love chunky monkey baby pics…

  10. I love the baby pic. You know exactly what he’ll look like all grown up too. So cute!

  11. c

    I love the president blurb on the tag. It’s perfect.

  12. aaaah that baby looks like he’s made of marshmallows!! too cute…
    although not so cute when he’s 10 and had early onset of diabetes…

  13. I like how French for sorry in desoles. Desolate is a much more accurate description of how most people feel about Shrub.

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