Minor Complaint Stuff

I work as a receptionist for a great firm. Why do most people who work here expect me to recognise their voices when they call in from the field? They know who I am SINCE THEY’RE CALLING ME. There are about 70 people working from this location and some have acted hurt or insulted when, after they launch into whatever, I ask them for their names.

I’m still working on my addiction to the Black Planet website – I’m becoming familiar with the habits on the site, one of which annoys me. Someone will visit my page and will send me a ‘friend’ request automatically. I don’t understand the concept of making friends without even exchanging a couple of notes or arguing together on a forums page. Is there a prize for having the most online friends?

Repeat complaint (but it still keeps happening): My cell phone has this magical catagory called ‘missed calls’. If I look at the missed calls log, I can see who has called me. Sometimes I don’t need to look there since I don’t answer the phone just because it rings and I generally notice the names of those who show up on my screen. I know that some people think that their phone will implode/explode/stop working if they don’t answer a call, but I urge those people to just try. You’ll see. The phone will live, and so will you.

I have MetroPCS ghetto/budget service. It takes forever to actually retrieve a message from their service. Here’s how it goes:  Go to ‘messages‘. Scroll down past ‘text‘ and ‘multimedia‘ and ‘distribution lists’ to ‘voice messages’. Click there, then choose ‘listen to voice messages’. Wait for number to dial and listen to recording: “Please enter your password“. I enter password and wait for the recording which says, “You have two unheard messages. The following messages have not been heard. First unheard message.” (I HATE redundancy and I hear this every time) The message then plays. When the message is, “this is asshole, give me a call,” my blood pressure goes up. Why is there no content in the message? Why did I need to go through all of that crap to hear what I already knew? Asshole called.

A message is different – “This is cool guy, I jus wanted to tell you how good you were last night.” See, now THAT’S a message.

To MTV – stop with effin’ Tila Tequila. She really irks me and the chick is everywhere. Make. It. Stop.

To new reporters – We don’t need you to report “live from the scene” if NOTHING is happening at the scene and nothing will be happening at the scene. Also the term “breaking news” should be limited to… um… well, actual breaking news. A story of importance to the viewers because it will affect them in some way. One more thing, when the term “exclusive” is used pertaining to a story, it makes me want to check the other local stations to see if you’re lying. I change the channel and forget to change it back. 

I’ll buy anyone a tank full of gas if they can pull the bandanna off of Brett Michael’s head. His wiggy-looking bandanna head irks me too.

I only use my Gmail account for personal relationships and it seems that someone in my life has betrayed me since I’m getting spam at this address. I’ve asked everyone to erase my addy if forwarding any correspondence from me or to use ‘BCC’ so that their whole mailing list doesn’t get my address every time they send out group mail. I’m pissed. I don’t need a bigger penis. Damn! I have enough spam at my 3 other addresses, now it’s on my gmail too. “Eff you” whoever you are!

I’m a heathen – stop trying to save me! Damn – I’m an adult and I’m not trying to change you.

That’s it for now.



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12 responses to “Minor Complaint Stuff

  1. I’ve been complaining about the bigger penis ads forever. Sometimes they address these sales pitches to “Susan.” Does that sound like the name of someone who needs a bigger penis?

  2. LOL…”that’s it for now”?

    I’m with you 100% on the Tila girl…..I’m about tired of looking at her. Seriously…

  3. i know, for the love of christ use bcc…also, i hate when people fwd the get free stuff email hoax that’s been going around for ever! i usually do a reply all with a link to an urban legend website…i’m sure it makes me look like an ass, but i can’t stand it anymore…

  4. You know I use to wonder about all the penis enlargement spams I use to get. Was somebody trying to tell me something?? LOL
    I find if anyone uses my email addy for anything other than a personal message to me, I will be covered in SPAM. In fact, even if they don’t, often these free services sell our address. Gotta make a buck somehow. I really hate it when people use my work address to send me an e-greeting card. That automatically puts my address on a spammer’s list.
    Anyway, great post !


  5. LOL @ metropcs ghetto/budget service.

    Don’t you just love it when reporters are outside with raincoats talking about the storm coming and it’s a beautiful day outside.

    And is news still breaking if you report on it every five minutes?

  6. Trying2bme

    I couldn’t help but laugh until I almost pee’d my pants. I hate lack luster voice mails, I’m sick of Tila, don’t know what’s going on with Bret Michaels hair and I can’t stand the tactics the news stations use to keep you glued to the most insignificant stories. And we won’t even venture into my great disdain for spam hitting my email. No account is safe from the crap!

    Hope you are having an amazing day though!

  7. HILARIOUS!!! Hey…wouldn’t it be funny if you took Bret’s bandana off and realized that he’s wearing lacefront extensions, and is almost completely bald? LOL! Funny post!

  8. Tila Tequila…I don’t get that either. Bret Michaels — I wouldn’t touch that if I was wearing a level 7 haz-mat suit.

    And big hugs from one heathen to another.

  9. LBB

    Hello, Jali.

    I’ve not heard of Tila Tequila, but I already disliker her. Incidentally, I’m making frozen margaritas tonight.

    If I see Brett Michaels, I’ll request that he remove his do rag. Then I’ll insert a pad lock into it and give him a unskinny bop with it.

  10. bitchtasm

    Who is Tila Tequila?

    The joys of living in Oz. I clearly haven’t heard of the most annoying person in the world.

  11. bitchtasm

    I mean, I could google her, but I just don’t give that much of a damn.

  12. It annoys me that there aren’t too many famous Asian people in the biz but of course that annoying tila twat has to be one of them!!!! She looks like an old lad with no teeth and please, I’m the first and only sex bomb who stands at 4’8. Tila seriously needs to recognize.

    This cracked me up by the way….
    “Why did I need to go through all of that crap to hear what I already knew? Asshole called….”

    hee hee….you funny lady.

    You are THE sex bomb diva and people bettah recognize. Madonna got her sexy from taking ‘laine classes.

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