‘Oh… I Get It” Stuff and Other Odd Stuff I Meant to Post Before Today

There are some things that went waaaay over my head at some point or the other and I’ll post them today so the world will know I finally get the sexual messages.

Yeah me!

tickle.jpgRemember this deodorant? “The little tickle with the big ball.” It was a hot seller for a while.  Oh… I get it.

Remember this slogan, “It’s going to be an Aviance night?”  Oh…I get it.

Name That Movie!

What movie had a cast of unknowns, many of whom, went on to film success?

Laura San Giacomo,  Dermot Mulrooney, Sean Astin, Balthazar Getty, Will Smith, Ricky Lake, Laura Flynn Boyle, Kyle MacLaughlin, Adam Baldwin, Rachel Ticotin.

(from IMDB)

A group of teen-age runaways try to survive in the streets of Los Angeles. Drugs, prostitution, violence and bureaucratic indifference all pose threats to the kids, who nevertheless prefer this harsh life to going back to their families. Heather, somewhat older, provides some leadership and mothering to the kids.

In Los Angeles, the gang of teenagers leaded by King survives on the streets begging, prostituting and stealing money. Among King’s best friends are Little J, who is a gay prostitute; Greg, who is drug addicted capable of stealing to buy drugs with the dealer Ted; and the paralytic Manny. When the newcomer and runaway from Chicago Heather meets King, they fall in love for each other. But when Little J kills Tommy Ray to protect King, he is falsely accused of murder and chased by the police, with tragic consequences.

Mo’ Betta Links I’m posting links for sites I visit regularly that I think you might like.  C’mon check ‘em out. It won’t cost you anything.Games (yup – I still love to play)http://novelconcepts.co.uk/FlashElementTD/ – the game is simple. Position the towers to kill the enemy. This is addictive!

http://www.stationerymovies.com/ – Awww – just click the link and try it – really funny game. Name the films.

http://www.miniclip.com/games/fowl-words/en/ – I play this EVERY night before going to sleep. Simple, but fun. I went to level 102 on long night,

http://us.mms.com/us/dark/dark_game.jsp – This is a horror film themed game. Lots of fun.

http://www.casualgames24.com/play_2132_travelogue360paris.html – Amazing game – find the items.

http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/viridian/index_e.php – by the creator of The Crimson Room.

http://www.eyezmaze.com/eyezblog_en/blog/2005/09/grow_cube.html#monster  – Pick the elements in the proper order. Sooo much fun!


Ok – it’s not high tech – just medicine, but it’s pretty good news to me:

A DRUG that boosts female sex drive while helping women lose weight is being developed by one of Scotland’s leading experts on human reproduction. Professor Robert Millar has been working on a hormone that can be used to treat loss of libido, a problem that affects millions of women each year. Here’s another:

US scientists have devised a drug that can switch on a gene to burn body fat, offering hope of an exercise pill.
Mice given the drug burned off fat, even when they did not exercise, and were resistant to weight gain despite a high-fat diet. The ultimate use would be to treat people at risk of obesity-related diseases like diabetes, rather than offer a “no-work six-pack” pill.
The Salk Institute team presented their work at Experimental Biology 2007.



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8 responses to “‘Oh… I Get It” Stuff and Other Odd Stuff I Meant to Post Before Today

  1. Where the Day Takes You.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    I saw this on TV years back and I loved it. I ran across it again, so I HAD to do a quiz.

  2. OOH!!! I want the no-exercise, weight-loss pill. I did some crunches this morning, and man…that shit is NOT pleasant.

    Crunches are the WORST! I feel the burn on the 3rd or 4th crunch – sad, huh?

  3. No game links. no game links. please, I already suffer from Myspaceanitis, and bloggerhia! aaaaaaaahhh.

    still love ya though… ;p

    oh and i have no idea what movie that is but I’m going to go with Amadeo’s answer because I”m too lazy to google.

    I’ve left work a little late to play – that’s pretty bad.

  4. thanxx lol http://www.al-wa7a.org

    I’m glad you giggled with me. I’ll stop by your page a little later!

  5. That pill sounds wonderful if it doesn’t turn out to be a carcinogen, like so many do.

    I know – I wonder if I’m willing to take the chance – vanity and all that.

  6. U r TOO FUNNY! with the Oh, I GET it’s!

    And u r funny w/ practicing on the evite for ATL;-). I can’t wait to meetcha, Sistah Jali!

    I’m excited already – I was amazed how many times I teared up while reading the wonderful short works of all you guys.

  7. bitchtasm

    Hehe. I’m still hung up on that deoderant. Clearly they don’t sell that in Oz cuz we’d only use it as a sex toy.

    Maybe they could use that as a dispenser for ‘feminine hygiene deoderant’?

    Seems logical to rub the ball over the feminine bits.

  8. Lex

    I still don’t get the Aviance night. Maybe when I grow up I’ll get it?

    The scent will make her irresistable so she’ll get laid.

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