History Stuff – American Immigrants in Mexico

Protests and calls for a boycott against Absolut have been heard across the country. I wonder if the protestors know their history.

Seeking to better control the border region of Texas, which had few settlers, the Mexican government permitted a few hundred U.S. families to settle the area. This, however, led to settlement of Texas on a scale unanticipated by the Mexican government, as its inability to control the border allowed thousands more Americans to settle than had been agreed upon. English-speaking settlers quickly formed a majority in Texas.

…and this is how Texas became a state.




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10 responses to “History Stuff – American Immigrants in Mexico

  1. But…but…that was just Manifest Destiny, wasn’t it? After all, Americans are God’s favourites, aren’t we? Anyway, these Mexicans talk funny and…and…they’re not like us and they want to murder us all in their beds, don’t they? ThasswotIheard, anyways.

    I heard a woman at a Clinton rally being interviewed on NPR the other day about how she had come to a decision about which candidate to go for.

    “Well, I don’t like some of the things I’ve heard about Obama,” she said.

    “What sort of things?” said the NPR guy.

    “Well he’s a Muslim, isn’t he?”

    This woman considered herself informed.

    Jesus wept.

    I’ve watched some “man on the street” interviews and I’m always amazed at people willing to speak on camera who know little to nothing about a subject but want to give and opinion.

  2. Do those tools think the ad is saying that’s how the map should be?

    The Times of India is deliciously sarcastic: Mighty United States, world’s only superpower and all of 232 years old, is in lather[.]

    I feel like buying some Absolut.

    I drink gin, but I think I’ll have to switch to Vodka.

  3. I’m only just hearing about this and I’m gutted! I adore my Vanilla Absolute! What am I gonna do?

    Buy more and drink up! (but don’t give the ‘tards too much)

  4. hey i went to green aple tonight shoot me an email and i will give u a way to contact me

    Email sent this morning (to your Yahoo addy)- Very happy you came!

    edit – found the better addy and used it.

  5. Thanks Jali. Now you’ve given me yet another reason to underachieve and buy some Absolut. Oh…and Sam,Problemchilde is on point!

    Man, if you were here we could have an underachievers party.

  6. for the life of me, i couldn’t figure out what people were getting pissed about…

    Outrage over this, but people dying and some don’t bat an eye. Sad.

  7. katrice0321

    And as a new transplant to Texas, this is exactly what I’ve learned since I started reading local history. What if Mexico had taken the same stance over a hundred years ago?

    Don’t get me started.

    I know. I get so pissed off when I hear racial crap by people who oviously don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  8. Lex

    No he leido lo que pasa actualmente con Absolut porque estoy trabajando como una esclava esta semana–pero me parece muy bien!

    Oh, that’s Texan for:

    I haven’t read what’s happening currently with Absolut because I’m workng like a slave this week–but it sounds good to me!

    You are the most fun to hang out with! Good thing we’re not boycottibng liquor!

  9. In remembrance of the Alamo…I play El Deguello.

    I’m always learning something from you! I had to look this up. Thanks!

  10. Old Andy Jackson sent his discraged protege` Sam Houston down to Texas to really get things stirred up. I go into a little more detail here:

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