Reality Bites Stuff

Nah. I’m not talking about the movie. The reality that bites is reality TV which has taken over almost every broadcast channel. It’s Jerry Springer set in better locales. I wish that our newscasts would dare to be real instead of the fluffed up crap we get instead.

Here’s a list of some of the shows I found:

The Amazing Race  American Dream Derby  American Gladiators  American Idol  American Inventor   American Juniors  America’s Got Talent  America’s Next Top Model  Amish In The City  Anything For Love  The Apprentice The Apprentice: Martha Stewart  Armed & Famous  The Ashlee Simpson Show  Average Joe  The Bachelor The Bachelorette  Battle Of The Network Reality Stars Beauty and the Geek  Being Bobby Brown   The Benefactor  Beg Borrow & Deal Big Brother The Biggest Loser  Big Man On Campus Blow Out Boarding House  Boot Camp  Brat Camp  Britney and Kevin: Chaotic Boy Meets Boy Canadian Idol The Casino  Celebrity Cooking Showdown  Celebrity Duets  Celebrity Mole The Complex The Contender  Crowned  Cupid   The Cut Dance War Dancing with the Stars Dog Eat Dog Dream Job Extreme Makeover Fame The Family Family Plots Fear Factor  For Love Or Money Forever Eden Grease: You’re the One That I Want He’s A Lady Hell’s Kitchen  Here Come the Newlyweds The Hills Hit Me Baby One More Time High School Reunion House Rules   I Love New York I Want To Be A Hilton Joe Millionaire Joe Schmo Kid Nation Kitchen Nightmares Laguna Beach Last Comic Standing The Law Firm The Littlest Groom Love Cruise Mad Mad House Manhunt Meet Mister Mom Meet My Folks Miracle Workers The Mole My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance My Fair Brady Nanny 911  Nashville Nashville Star Newlyweds Next Action Star  The Next Great American Band The Next Great Champ On The Lot The One Oprah’s Big Give The Osbournes Outback Jack Paradise Hotel The Player Playing It Straight Performing As… Phenomenon Pirate Master Project Greenlight Project Runway  Pussycat Dolls Present Queer Eye Race To The Altar  The Rebel Billionaire The Real Gilligan’s Island The Real Housewives The Real Roseanne Show The Real World Renovate My Family  The Restaurant Rich Guy Poor Guy Road Rules robandambergetmarried/ Rock Star The Scholar   The Simple Life Skating With Celebrities So You Think You Can Dance Sorority Life Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search The Starlet Star Search  Starting Over Supernanny Superstar USA Surf Girls The Surreal Life Survivor  The Swan  Temptation Island  Three Wishes ‘Til Death Do Us Part Todd TV Tommy Lee Goes To College Top Chef  Trading Spaces  Trading Spouses Treasure Hunters Tuesday Night Book Club  Unan1mous   Who Wants To Marry My Dad  Wickedly Perfect Wife Swap The Will  World Idol 

I’ll have to admit that I’ve seen a few of these shows and off the top of my head I can name a few more: Run’s House, Rock of Love, Cops, 70s House, Charm School, My Sweet Sixteen. I’m sure there are many others.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen at least 1 episode of each of 43 of the shows listed above. I didn’t continue to watch most of them, but I do have a couple that I really like.

Reality TV has taken over to the point that almost everone will have a connection to someone or the other who’s appeared on one of these shows. I know 2 people who’ve auditioned.

How many of these will you admit to? I know it’s cool to say you only watch PBS or CNN, but I want you to give it up. C’mon – I won’t tell.



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6 responses to “Reality Bites Stuff

  1. LuAnn

    I have watched several….some better than others. Personally, I liked a few. One that I liked was Tuesday Night Book Club, don’t think CBS gave it enough time. Of all you listed that one had potential…it was getting interesting.

    I’d never heard of the show until I found this list. It’s a shame that shows like this are cancelled and Tila Tequila gets renewed.

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  4. I do NOT watch reality TV at all. I would rather watch endless reruns of Law & Order than anything that requires amateurs to ingest scorpions, tell their deepest secrets, suck up to Donald Trump, or otherwise waste my time.

    I think the networks are inflicting this garbage on us so they won’t have to pay actors. The cast of “Friends,” one of the stupidest shows of all time, made $1,000,000 each for every episode and now actors have priced themselves out of the business.

    Such greed helps no one, least of all those of us who are forced to choose between various forms of amateur hour idiocy passing itself off as “entertainment.”

    I really do see your point – and I’d like to say I’ve never watched, but I’ve seen every episode of “So You Think You Can Dance, Kid Nation, America’s Best Dance Crew, Charm School, ANTM, Top Chef, Beauty and the Geek (my favorite), – I’ll stop listing or it will be another post.

  5. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen almost every episode of Big Brother and Survivor. But not really….real human drama is what fictional TV is trying to replicate. Why not go straight to the source? And it’s often “fake” in the sense that people are put in artificial situations, but that’s half the fun.

  6. I’ve seen Rock of Love, 1st season of Flavor of Love, and pretty much every reality show on Bravo. My favorites are still Project Runway and Top Chef because you have to make something.

    Other than that, yawn.

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