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Okay. I’ll admit it: I’m a punk when it comes to the dentist. Punk.

I had an issue (that’s the only term that applies here, despite my dislike for this overused word) with one of my front teeth and have been waiting for the money to have it taken care of.

I’ve had dental coverage at work, but the Cigna HMO plan has to be the suckiest of all the sucky dental plans in the world. I waited patiently, looking like a crackhead because of my tooth, until a new enrollment period started so that I could upgrade to the Cigna PPO plan and choose a dentist who was aware of the new developments in dentistry and whose practice was nothing like that dentist in The Little Shop of Horrors.

I chose Dr. Jason Eaglin. (He attended LSU as an undergrad and Howard U. for dental school, he was his class president and gave the commencement speech at graduation…yada – yada – yada) who has an office within walking distance of my home.

He looks pretty nice in the photo, doesn’t he? Wouldn’t hurt a fly…

I am not a fly.

It’s not his fault that the 20 or more injections he gave me (“just a pinch”) had absolutely no effect on me and that I was crying like a kid during my deep cleaning and the first extraction. It’s not his fault that I was crying again when he shaved my teeth in preparation of the bridge I need.

Okay. If I had taken much better care of these choppers, I wouldn’t have suffered so much this week, but if the treatments weren’t so painful, I would have kept all those dental appointments – it’s a crazy circular logic thing.

I had the deep scale cleaning thing, the teeth shaving thing, the extraction times three thing – my mouth was wide open from 8:30 until 1:30 on Monday. After Dr. Eaglin called it quits for the day, I looked like a refugee of war or an escapee from some type of mental hospital. My mascara had run all over my face, my lips were ashy white and I had a crazed look in my eye.

I walked home, feeling very sorry for myself with my sore mouth, sore jaw and sore throat. I took a tour of “pityland” and called my girl Faye at work to try to explain. She’d had a few of the procedures and listened sympathetically to my cotton mouthed mumblings and insisted that I get my prescription for pain killer filled immediately.

I did.

Aw hells yeah! Opiate based pain medication is the silver lining of the dental drama. I floated to sleep, then awoke to take more pills and to float back to sleep again. Rinse, repeat.

In between, I sent text messages to friends to explain why I would not be speaking for a couple of days. I received great messages back and a big surprise: my sweet friend Jason came to take care of me. He rubbed my back and neck until I fell asleep and then hung out with my son Jack for the evening. (Jayce is a guy I once dated* (*code for slept with) for a few months, who’s still a very good friend).

I went back to his office on Wednesday for part 2 and it wasn’t half as bad as the Monday torture session. His staff is the greatest and Dr. Eaglin is a wonderful dentist. Despite my many complaints, he continued to encouraged me to “hang in there” and told me “you’re doing great”.  My teeth are cleaner than they’ve been for years and the temporary caps look just like my teeth. I can’t wait until my bridge comes in and I look like myself again. (I do the “Elvis” upper lip down low thing to cover the gaping HOLE in my head).

I’m back to work today and the concern of my coworkers who are stopping by my desk to check on me has brought real tears to my eyes. It’s cool to be missed.

See – I had a good reason for not posting this time. Have a good weekend all!



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17 responses to “Dental Stuff

  1. Dentist. Deep cleaning. Extraction. Oh, ugh.

    But it sounds like you did really well (I, for one, have to have the gas for the most minor of fillings). My teeth were great until I started working in restaurants and chomped on one thousand too many Sweet Tarts and sour Gummy Worms. Oh well. Those days of eating candy for breakfast and lunch are over, but now my teeth are filled with fillings!

  2. M@

    No Toastmasters for you tonight.

  3. Hey…what a cowinky dink! I went to the dentist’s office this week too….and for the first time since 2002, to boot. I had the same tooth cleaning, and my dentist basically told me that I could be a stunt double for a Jack O’ Lantern. LOL! Still, it was a cool experience, and who knows….maybe I’ll be able to post more smiling pix rather than the stoic, non-smiling types! Glad you have your opiates! LOL!

  4. It was good to see how you appreciated the importance of maintaining those visits. I don’t know of anyone who likes to go to the dentist however, but going periodically is the key.

    I’ve never experienced what you did luv, however I do sympathize with your plight. I remember when the wifey had a root canal. She was in dire straits for several days and acted like a baby. And that takes alot because she is NO joke when it comes to taking care of self.

    But she is a true punk and has a very low threshold for pain. We look forward to more greater posts and podcasts in the future (wink)

  5. I dislike the dentists so much that I didn’t read past the first sentence. Hope all is well.

  6. Oh, poor baby. I’m sorry that nice, extremely attractive, adorable actually, well-educated and doubtless kind man hurt you.

    I think I got off the track here.

  7. bitchtasm

    I so hate the dentist. I avoid it where possible. I managed to do for about 5 years. And when I did finally drag myself in it was to get a tooth extracted.

    I vowed to take better care of my teeth and had 5 filling done in two sessions. I felt much better until one of them abcessed recently. That was painful.

    And yes, I did get the kick ass painkillers!

  8. Lex

    He’s a hottie! I have a few perfectly good teeth I’d let him pull if that’ll get me a few hours laid…..out in front of him (sorry, I got distracted by the possibility).

    Anyway, he’d have to use the NITROUS OXIDE of HEAVEN to get any of that done in my mouth. I’m a wimp, wimp, wimp. I had my dentist write in my chart: Give her the gas and don’t ask her anymore about whether or not she’s willing to pay extra if insurance won’t cover the gas.

    The bottom line is this, he gets extra money from me or no money at all because there is no scrapy, scrapy or drilly, drilly in my mouth without the Nitrous!

    I admire your bravery. And I suck as a friend because I didn’t call to check on you as I promised.

    Can I get a pill, though?

  9. C

    What an ordeal! Glad you are back.

  10. Ouch, my teeth sorta hurt just reading that. Sorry you had to go through it all.

  11. Dentist are evil!!! and yes the Cigna HMO plan sucks big bertha butt. I went to a doctor on the plan whose office looked like a third world tortue chamber!!

    Glad you got your grill fixed though!

  12. This is why I keep putting off going – even though it’s been waaaaay too long. BTW, you know the difference between sadists and dentists? Sadists have newer magazines.

  13. I know not this dentist of whom you speak.

  14. Awww girl, I sympathize with you, really.

    Dentists and spiders are the only things that can make me scream like a little girl.

    Glad you got it over and done with though. You deserve like a Medal of Honor or something.

  15. katrice0321

    Wait a minute… LSU and Howard? Hells yeah!

    We all know that I hate dentists. I’d rather give birth again. But this guy, I’d go see him. His beauty would distract me from the pain.

  16. I went to the dentist last year. They said “deep cleaning”. I ran. So this year, it will probably be worse.

  17. Glad you survived that ordeal, are feeling better & got that back rub…mmmmm (whoops, i got caught up there for a minute;-).
    I’ve had so many dental procedures I can now watch them put the needle in my mouth ….*sigh*

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