Explanation Stuff

Okay folks, here’s the deal -I’m again full o’ shit and haven’t posted for over a week or visited any of your pages. You guys were real cool and accepted my explanation last week. You guys were real cool and accepted my lame excuse a couple of weeks before that. I’ve really been doing stuff which is a GOOD thing – I just haven’t taken the time to log in and post, and I apologize.

My massage therapist, Leo asked me to hang out with him a little while back – the plan was to use me as bait for the chair massages he was offering, and since I’m massage crazy (and greedy) I agreed to get up very very early on a Sunday morning to meet him and hang out for the day. (Here’s a quote from the post from my first massage with Leo with the magical fingers: “I treated myself to a massage. Young cutie pie. It’s been too long – my reaction to his hands on me was entirely inappropriate – I’m going back next week.”)

I met one of Leo’s partners at the address he gave me, 660 Irwin Street in the Inman Park section of Atlanta. The Irwin Street Market (unbelieveably funky little spot – ya gots to get over there!).

Leo’s partner is a BEAUTIFUL Sistah named Jacqueline who owns one of markets within this market place. Her business name is 3 Piece, and I hung out with her (between massages) and got the opportunity to really look at her products. Jackie is an artist who creates hand poured soy and beeswax candles and sells them to a long list of clients.

I watched her store for a bit that day while she was doing other things and now I’m her newest part- time employee. I worked for her this past Saturday and Sunday and I had a ball.

I’m used to my regular 5 day schedule for work. It’s when I do a bit more that I don’t have the time or inclination to even check my email – much less visit my ‘roll or post something new. I hung out with my favorite people (The Green Apple , poetry hosted by Seria Mills ) on Wednesday night until about 2. I did a couple of poems on Saturday night after work at the Afrocentric Teaching Museum. An outstanding poet and actor, JuanLove came to the Green Apple to invite us to join him for a benefit that his non-profit group, Esoteric was holding  there and quite a few of us decided to join him. I didn’t perform as well as I had hoped to, but the other performers I heard were amazing! I had to leave mid show in order to make it to the last bus going to my neighborhood.

If I were still driving, I suppose it might be different, but Rapid Transit in the Atlanta Metro Area pretty much sucks, so I waste a lot of time waiting for trains and busses these days.

Accept my explanation and apology? Please?

(If you called me or sent a text and I haven’t answered, you know how I get grouchy and don’t feel like it sometimes – sorry, I’ll call or text you back soon)




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15 responses to “Explanation Stuff

  1. Yeah…I need to do a similar apology to my Warcraft friends.

    “Ooops, I did it again…” Same song, different week. Have you been back to Warcraft?

  2. have i mentioned i’m a freelance massage therapist? not really, but you’d be surprised how often that gets a conversation going 🙂

    I need – I really need a massage Tony. Are you affordable?

  3. Lex

    Yeah, yeah. Whatever!

    Love you, baby!

  4. I can’t wait to meetcha on June 7th! Think we can squeeze in a massage before the book signing? 😉

    I’ll invite Leo to the signing. I can’t wait to meet you! We’re going to have a ball!

  5. All will be forgiven as soon as you check out the poem on my blog and let me know what you think 😀

    Cool Mark – I will.

  6. C

    It’s okay – I was a slack blogger too at some point.

    Thanks C – I remember.

  7. Accepted! At least getting out and enjoying real life gives you something to blog about. I’m pretty much the opposite – frequent blogging about nothing. 🙂

    Thanks for accepting my sorry apology. I did it again though…

  8. M@

    Apology NOT accepted, Jalil. You can’t treat me like that.

    C’mon dude. I’ll have to pull out the baby talk – Sowee.

  9. girl, I’ve gone without posting for so long, my blog got offended.

    so apology not accepted.


    Thanks ‘laine. Smooches.

  10. Consider yourself forgiven :0)
    Now like Teddy Pendergrass sings, “Come on over to my Place!”
    And please checkout my latest post. And do they have a female massuse?

    No female that I know of. I’ll come over.

  11. Oh, Jali, your day-to-day living sounds so…relaxing. I am jealous!

    I’ve gotta call you soon to fill you in.

  12. miz


    don’t forget June 7th, The Grounds Coffeehouse,

    7pm –

    I hope you are still performing. Let me know.

    I’m looking forward to hanging out with you! I have a poem ready to roll.

  13. I will enjoying reading what you have time to write!

    Thanks miss t!

  14. non-rapid transit? I don’t know if that’s a good enough partial excuse. Kidding. Chillax, and post again whenever the hell you feel like it.

    BTW, my blog has moved. New address: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/burnettiquette

  15. Miz

    Great! I can’t wait either!

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