Travel To Cali Stuff

In my previous post, I talked about my time in California with my sister Lynda. Now I’ll talk about my trip there and back.

The Atlanta Airport is pwned by Delta Airlines and AirTran. Certain discount airlines don’t fly to ATL, so some of the internet specials available to many aren’t available to Atlantans.

Cheap-jali refused to be foiled by these evil corporate entities in my quest to save money so I devised a plan. I decided to book a round trip flight that fell within the terms I dictated (meaning really cheap tickets).

Before making my decision, I checked a few travel sites and found that the fares from Atlanta on the days I wanted to fly to Oakland were waaaaay beyond my means. Priceline wouldn’t accept any of my offers. Expedia needed more flexibility. Orbit couldn’t help me.

Ah, Southwest. I checked the dates on their website and found an internet special that I was happy with. I was excited and I entered my acceptance of their nonrefundable tickets. I was “on my way” to California!

Oh, yeah. Southwest doesn’t fly to Atlanta so my flight left and returned from and to Birmingham, Alabama.

I’ve been to Birmingham, and the ride isn’t that long so I thought that one or the other of my friends here would be able to drop me off there when the time came, or that I would be able to take a shuttle, airport to airport. No big deal.

(Sound of record scratch to a halt). BIG deal.

Big, big deal.

I watched the cost of gasoline soar in the weeks following my purchase. Having a friend drop me off as a favor wouldn’t be feasible. I checked for shuttle service between airports and found that there is a very limited and very expensive service available. I sent an email message to the company and heard nothing at all in reply.


Airline tickets with no way to get to the airport. Cheap-jali has done it again!

Ooooh. Inspiration! Trailways!

I clicked to their website, expecting a few simple steps in booking bus tickets to Birmingham. I clicked and found myself on the Trailways Charter page. Not good – not helpful. I clicked my back button to try again. No matter what I tried, the system wouldn’t allow me to buy tickets, see schedules or see prices. I think I was sweating by this time – frustration, annoyance and my old stand by: menopause, all joined forces to make me feel…um… “not so fresh”.

Finally I remembered that I wanted Greyhound NOT Trailways (not my fault that I couldn’t remember – I’m old as shit!) and I was able to navigate the Greyhound site easily and buy my nonrefundable (seems like I never learn) tickets right away. I allowed ample time between bus and train travel to guarantee that I’d make each leg of my trip comfortably without having to stress while on vacation. ( cue maniacal laughter in the background).

Have any of you ridden a bus lately?


coming up next: Part Deux.


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18 responses to “Travel To Cali Stuff

  1. Oh no, not the bus!

    I know! Sigh.

  2. oh jali…the bus….oh my oh my…i hope part deux isn’t as bad as i think i might be.
    i’m a total travel optimist but not when it comes to buses.

    It’s worse. I’ll try to write today.

  3. bitch

    and you’re P.U.R.E B.L.A.C.K


    I don’t know who you are, but I do have your info: | . I’ll leave your comment and this info here (hopefully the spammers will get you) until you come back and apologize.

    Wow! it’s simple to find someone using their IP addy: here’s the “abuse” information for your company:OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE10-ARIN
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    Country: US

    If you don’t apologize, I’m sending your info to your company.

  4. Huh?

    That’s what I get for reading the comments ahead of mine.

    Anyway, this does not sound like it ends well!

    It’s weird to me that someone would post ugly stuff like that, but : oh well. I’ll check the addy a little later.

    I’ll post the rest of the story a little later today. (well, you know me, so maybe today – smile)

  5. I am blessed to say I’ve never ridden the Greyhound bus, the thought of one toilet on a bus full of 60 strangers never appealed to me!

    I won’t eat or drink anything before the ride. I won’t even THINK of using their facilities.

  6. I took Greyhound not too long ago. It was an emergency trip and money was tight. Not a good trip at all. Just for the record, I am 6’6″ and Greyhound discriminates against tall people. I have been too tall for Greyhound since I was a freshman in college.

  7. bitch (ass anonymous ass)

    go for it. knock yourself out.

    I won’t apologize for something you started here

    you get what you give. next time mind YOUR business and you won’t get egg on your face.

    I’ve been posting on my girl’s blog for over a year. I checked the last couple of months and I don’t see any post addressed to anyone other than cp. I refuse to read all the comments I’ve ever written – I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and I really don’t care. Poof.

    Ahhh. You’re the “pure A.S.S. who calls people names but doesn’t leave her own name. You’re anon everywhere you go. Pitiful.

  8. me

    go for it. knock yourself out. I can’t wait to tell them what you called me- first.

  9. Aw, Jali in Cali… you’re too cute. Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. 😀

  10. Them Greyhound bastards lost $300+ worth of my C.D.’s once…never again.

  11. it seems everyone has blog drama going on these days.

    Greyhound – not the good look, but you old folks can’t help yourselves, you still think it’s the 70’s.

  12. I have never ridden Greyhound but have begun taking the Muni, San Francisco City buses, to places where there is no parking or parking lots that charge $3.00 every 20 minutes.

    I seem to be a magnet for vastly overweight people who cannot fit into a single seat and end up half on my lap, probably because I’m small and have all this extra room, they think, to spare.

    Um, what’s with the abuse in your comments above? Do you need me to get tough with anyone?

  13. Damn! Someone needs a shot of chill. Been a while since I’ve been on a bus. When I was a kid, I rode the Greyhound to Philly a few times to visit with my grandparents. I loved it then.

  14. BTW, my blog address has changed. New address, when you get a chance to update the blogroll is

  15. Gnome says : I absolutely agree with this !

  16. I hate the bus. Seriously. I did a 20 hour trip on a bus. TWICE. Never again. You walk off looking like you’re got the arm rest lodged in your anus, and feeling about the same.

    Ah well. It sounds like it was memorable.

  17. I have done my unfair share of Greyhound travel. Dear God, it was painful. I was actually in pain when i got off adn had to try and unpack my spine like a deck-chair.

    James B – children are about the only people that could ever enjoy such a cramp-fest.

  18. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Maharaja

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