Summer Theme Stuff

Found this today and I had to post! Loooove Lucy Pearl.



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10 responses to “Summer Theme Stuff

  1. Man…this used to be my JOINT! How can you go wrong with a joint produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Rafael Saadiq? Glad you posted this one, doll.

  2. I LOVED Lucy Pearl Jali. I’m mad they only made one album. Rafael Saadiq is the man. Consequently, I miss Toni, Tony, Tone too! Hey, here’s the new address luv. Update your links okay. Only the hyphen in between fantasy and beyond has changed. Cya soon!

  3. I love them too! I looked for their music online about a year ago and couldn’t find it available for download anywhere! I’ll have to look again now. They had the makings of an awesome band.

  4. We gonna be gittin’ down like that when I meetcha on SATURDAY!! I am SO EXCITED!!! yea, luved Lucy Pearl, too;-)

  5. Daaaang, I loved some of them too 😉

  6. Sofa grooving is the business. I love sofa grooving.

  7. pictures of the party are up at my place and Tony Oh’s (he saved the best ones for himself – tell him I said so.)

  8. So u know we got u on video! Check my spot or Rich’s spot;-). Sistah Jali – u r da TRUFF! So glad we met & hope to see u next time I’m in da ATL!!

  9. Sending you hugs and love.

  10. CP

    Oh the memories…

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