Vacation Over Stuff

I took a very long vacation from this page.  (Captain Obvious is at it again.) I simply was tired of jalishouse.

I considered deleting this blog a couple of times but I held off, hoping that I’d find inspiration and want to share with you guys. I’m glad I didn’t end it since getting to know all of you (some of you intimately) and having this means of communication really is important to me. (doesn’t seem so, but it’s true)

Back in March of this year, an actual tornado struck downtown Atlanta. I was struck too, on the same day, but by something more powerful than a mere tornado. I met Sam.

I left the afterwork party at Club Taboo, declining the offer of a ride home “…if I’d hang out until the party was over”. “Bah”, I thought, “I’ll make my own way home.”

I sauntered down Roswell Road humming a tune and tapping out the beat in my bright red heels, the gin in my system leading me to believe that was on the catwalk and I posed at the light (after reminding myself that red means STOP!) I realized that I had no change for the bus, so I headed for the gas station a couple of blocks ahead.

As I passed a driveway to my left, a cutie pie smiled and said hello from his car. I responded with a smile and kept on my way. I could tell that he was young but man – what a charming smile.

As I left the gas station victorious – with change in my hand, I stepped back out into the night to find the scene transformed: rain, howling wind – (whew -I must have had much more gin in my system than I realized huh?) I had no umbrella and the bus stop across the street had no shelter.

Like a knight in shining armor, cutie pie in shining car pulled up and offered to take me wherever I needed to go. I got in immediately – no hesitation at all and I remember staring at him as he stared at me for a few moments before we even spoke.

He took me to the indoor parking lot for the train, and then decided that the night seemed too dangerous for me to leave just then. We agreed to wait out the storm at his place and he promised to take me home as soon as the weather changed.

He was sweet and considerate and the perfect gentleman and host that night.

I slept on the couch in his bedroom – when I finally fell asleep – first we watched the weather warnings on TV and watched the storm churning from his bedroom window.

We were shocked and amazed to learn that an actual tornado hit our city and that Sam was my actual hero.

He drove me home early the next morning and we hugged goodbye, promising to get together again someday. (I didn’t expect to actually hear from him again – he was shocked when I told him how old I am)

He called me on his way home.

We spoke again that day a couple of times and we made arrangements to meet again.

I’ve been seeing this beautiful man since March but because of the difference in our ages, I didn’t think it would be going anywhere (some of you might remember my broken heart after life with Adrian was over) and I didn’t want to repeat it, so I promised myself to keep it casual this time.

I was determined to hold my feelings in check despite the great times we had together, but that’s all been squashed. (throwing in old school lingo just for the hell of it.)

Sam. Yup, that’s his name. (I smile each time I say it.) Sam.

Remember that butterfly stomach, can’t hang up the phone, grinning all the time, humming to yourself, can’t wait to see him, need just one more hug feeling? That’s where I am today. (I know, I know – I’m getting a bit old for these Jr. High School feelings but DAMN! it feels good.)

I spent the weekend at Sam’s place and it felt like a real vacation. He lives on the 23rd floor, so sitting on his terrace and enjoying what felt like tropical breezes blowing was amazing.

His parents came for the holiday and I nervously awaited “the talk” with Sam’s mother Sybil. I figured his Dad would be cool, but I’m a mother too and I was a bit worried about how she’d feel about her precious baby dating an old chick.

Sybil is a sweetheart who went out of her way to assure me that she has no problem with our age difference and we had a very good time together. We shopped, cooked, laughed and talked. Good stuff.

When Sybil and Charles learned that I play Spades, they challenged the “winning couple” to a match which of course resulted in a Sam and jali victory on Saturday night, so I had my opportunity to talk big smack for the rest of the evening.

Sam dropped me off at my office this morning and I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He used the L-word in a sentence to me so I’ve been grinning like a kid all day.


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27 responses to “Vacation Over Stuff

  1. Lex

    Aww, Lady. I am glad to know you are doing well (since you aren’t in the returning phone calls kind of mood). And I am glad things are working out with Sam. You deserve what/whomever makes you happy.

    Enjoy the ride!

  2. Pshaw! You’re never too old to thoroughly dig someone. [I am hearing the Shaft theme now…] Whatever activates your Quantum Leap Accelerator.

  3. Awww….that story, and the happiness that accompanies it, makes the break from Ms. Jali actually being available at jalishouse forgivable. You two will be in my prayers 🙂

  4. It’s amazing how quickly one can be transformed to teenagedom. Enjoy the ride, sounds like big fun.

  5. I think this is just absolutely wonderful! Nothing is more exhilerating than figuring out that someone can still give you butterflies. It’s the moments like these that remind us that growing older doesn’t mean you have to whither away.

    I’m wishing you tons of luck and love!

  6. Well, well…what storms may bring.

  7. butterflies in the belly is what all great relationships are built on. 😉

  8. Awwww, I’m so happy to hear this that I’m grinning, too.

    Age means nothing, sweetie. I am 13 years older than Flip and as with you, nobody seems to notice.

    You deserve every happiness, and I’m so very glad you didn’t deprive us of your blog, which for some of us is the only way we get to share you and your life. We care. Please don’t go away.

  9. The only thing missing from this entry was a unicorn and or leprechaun siting. Excellent post my love.

  10. Once everyone’s an adult, who cares about age? It’s so nice to read about that super romantic first meeting and the butterfly feelings that have followed. I think that L-word is what life’s all about.

  11. Beautiful story. Hubby and I met on a blind date 14 years ago, so I do believe anything can happen.

  12. Delightful story! Hooray for hurricanes, baby!

    Don’t sweat the age thing, toots. The hubs and I have a yawning chasm of decades between us and we just celebrated out 9th wedding anniversary and our 13th together.

    Have fun!

  13. M@

    Good things happen at Taboo, eh?

  14. Awww.

    Straight out of the movies.

  15. awwwwwwwww….i love that swoony, omg, you’re so keen stage!! and he was so your knight in shining armor. i’m so happy for you girl!!! and age, schmage, you’re forever 21 in my book.

  16. c

    That’s so great!!!!! I am happy for you.

  17. Ooooooooooh…you got a booooooooooyfriend!

    So happy for you. Couldn’t be happening to a lovelier lady.

  18. You go girl!!!!!!!

    Now, leave his apartment for a minute and update us!!!

  19. Came thru to say hi. I’ll come back to read when I have more time.

  20. I’m glad your back and I love the post. Just go with your heart, happiness can sneak up on you sometimes!

  21. M@

    What’s going on in Jalil’s House? Don’t tell me you’ve volunteered for Sen. McCain!? Are you on tour with the Backstreet Boys?

  22. happy stuff!
    it’s so nice to hear that you’re in l-word… 🙂

  23. This is great news! And no one’s ever too old for that junior high school feeling.

    Keep us posted!

  24. CP

    It always starts with a pair of red high heels!!!

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I am so giddy happy for you!!!

  25. WOWWWWWW!!!! I haven’t been thru in aminute & just WOWWWW! I’m luving this….*sigh* living vicariously;-)….

    if U EVAH shut this blog down – PUHLEEEZE keep in touch!! I understand sometimes we gotta move on in life, but we just MET! HUGZ, Sis!!

  26. I’m glad you’re back.

    I’m glad you didn’t delete the blog.

    And I’m glad you’ve got Sam in your life.

    Welcome back, Jali!

  27. I WANT MY JALI! Where are ya luv? And whew, imagine if you had shut down this blog too? Mannn, I would’a had to come down to the ATL and put out an APB… and you don’t want an APB put out by me… ; )

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