A Rose Is Still A Rose…

I was given the name Jalilah a few years back and my mate affectionately called me Jali. He always introduced me as Jali, so a whole group of new friends knew me this way. Old friends started calling me Jali after they heard the name. Some spell it”Jolly” which I think is cute and goes well with my newfound chubbiness.

My given name is Jil (I always add Li’l Jil of the ghetto) and I don’t love the name. Too many “Rons” say when introduced, “hey baby, my name is Jack” (wink-wink). Too many people will call me Kim or Lynn – any diminutive name seems to suffice and I generally didn’t correct them. I don’t run into the same crap with jali.

I now introduce myself as jali to friends and use Jill (the nuns added the second el for some Catholic school reason) for business and official stuff.

I never thought to make up a name to use online. “jalicook” is part of all my email addys and the name I use almost everywhere on the ‘net. I like the look of the lower case better than one capital and I don’t need to use the stupid shift key when signing in.

I’ve considered interesting names like “grouchyblackmenopausalpoet” or “toolazytogetangryaboutmuchthesedays” or “formerrevolutionarywhoneedsanap” or “hellyeahi’mhungry” but the names would probably get on my nerves before long. I’ll stick with jali.

I’ll be posting soon (I know) about my recent trip to Dallas and my hang out with DD.


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9 responses to “A Rose Is Still A Rose…

  1. I only picture you as a jali. But what’s in a name? after a few drinks or hot flashes who really cares?

  2. M@

    My sister’s name is Katie and, for some reason, the nuns felt compelled to address her as Catherine. Of course, my name is “M@tthew.”

  3. c

    New round chubbiness! What’s going on? I’ve missed ya!

  4. c

    I meant to ask new found chubbiness? And my Freudian slip wrote round chubbiness? Are you pregnant or just getting older?

  5. I’ve been pronouncing it “Holly.”

    Happy Christmas!

  6. Jali, Jalilah, Jil….I think you are great, all the same 🙂

  7. Jalilah is beautiful and unusual, like you.

    I would have preferred Susanna to Susan, but my parents couldn’t spare two more letters. During my years in the Native American world I was given the name Susahnee,which I still use sometimes.

    Happy New Year, Jali!

  8. I love the name Jali and think Jalilah is really beautiful.

    Here’s hoping you had a fantastic Christmas and a wish for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

  9. I know how you feel. My real name is Captainius Invisibell Electrosmacker, III (yes, my parents were hippies), but most people just call me Cap’n.

    They say that a person’s name can have a huge influence on their personality, but I’ve never found this to be the case.

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