Rant-a-rama Stuff

First thing:

For 8 years we couldn’t find Dick Cheyney – he spent his vice presidency either hidden in a bunker or out shooting his long time friends in the face. When it came to any issue of importance, Cheyney stayed silent. How many Sunday morning news programs has Dick (such an appropriate first name) Cheyney appeared on since our president, Barak Obama’s term began? STFU! (I’ve been feeling that for a few weeks now, so it had to go first)

That confused little man with the last name West needs counseling. What an ass. STFU! (See how hip I am, I actually saw that happen last night)

Parents that refused to let their children watch a “stay in school” message from our president. It’s over. Get off my TV screen and STFU!

Justin Case.  He’s such a smarmy and annoying spokesperson. STFU!

PETA and their followers who continue to try to make news of no news. I’m glad that The Eagles signed Michael Vick.  I’m a life time Philly hater who will now root for the Eagles (except for when they play the premier team of the league, my beloved Giants) because of the ugliness and hatred spewed by that ignorant group. PETA: STFU!

Ooh. Blogging is fun!


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2 responses to “Rant-a-rama Stuff

  1. Co-sign to EVERYTHING you said, Jali. Glad to have you actually write in your blog again 😉

  2. Lex

    Missed you soooooo much! Hahahaha! This was great!

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