Writing Stuff

I ordered my 250 free business cards from Vistaprint.com, and I’m pleased with the product. I received a 25% off coupon with my delivery, so I ordered 250 cards of my own design and I’m getting excited.

I’m excited since the cards are another step in my journey as a writer. I write because I have the need. I write to make my point, to have my say, to leave a mark.

My business cards are a reminder to myself that my book can’t speak until I write the words, and that I need to stay serious and get back to work. “Granny” is important to me – I love the story. 

(Talking to myself now) “Stop editing! Let the completed chapters rest a while. Just effing do it!.”

I’m going to do this.


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3 responses to “Writing Stuff

  1. jalishouse

    This is from 2008. I still haven’t finished the novel.

  2. Lex

    Get on with it, will ya?

  3. Speak words to power, and keep writing, Jali. We’re all waiting with bated breath.

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