“You Look Like” Stuff

In the last few years I’ve been told that I look like different celebrities, depending on the day or I suppose my look that day. The speaker will  interrupt my life to make their proclamation and then look at me expectantly, as though this “compliment” will somehow make me happy.

I look like Erikah Badu, Natalie Cole and most recently Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Fucking Goldberg.

Remember the movie, The Color Purple? “You sho’ is ugly!”

A stranger feels it’s cool to tell me that I’m ugly. Why is this acceptable? They look crestfallen when my response isn’t what they expected and they take offense when I explain that I think it’s rude.

I have friends that have experienced this too. Black men look like either Michael Jordan if they’re bald, or Michael Vick if they wear braids. An older Black man might be called Billie Dee or Shaft. WTF?

I wish people would gain a little self control and learn not to blurt out everything that comes to mind.  Each of us should be judged by individual achievement – not by a passing similarity to a celebrity.

How is my life improved by one iota by someome telling me that I look like someone else.

If you don’t know me and can’t compliment my scarf or my hair, please leave me alone.


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4 responses to ““You Look Like” Stuff

  1. I think you look fabulous, and I don’t even know ya in the real world : ) I always loved scarves, but here on the island I have no need for one, hmmm

  2. When I was younger people used to tell me I looked like Michelle Pfeiffer, which I thought was a compliment until I noticed that as we age along together no one draws that comparison anymore. Why is she staying beautiful and I’m not? At least Whoopi still looks great… but I’d rather a compliment than a comparison any day. How about “you make me laugh”? –, because you do.

  3. Hey…at least you weren’t told that you look like Elvin from the Cosby Show. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, but the character was QUITE the dullard. Still, it could have been worse. From the pix I’ve seen of you, Lady J, let’s just say that you’re far more fetching than Whoopi Goldberg. 🙂

  4. Whoopi WISHES she looked like you!

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