Joyous Stuff

Remember that feeling? That OMG I passed the final exam or the I can ride a big girl’s bike feeling?

Remember when you were picked for the team or won first prize for something that was really hard for you? Remember THAT feeling?

Remember your first taste of tiramisu or your first meal after a fast or a cool glass of water after a long walk?

How about that day you learned that you got the job you wanted. That job! Remember how you felt?

I was doing okay. There was nothing wrong in my life. I filled my day with activity and if anyone asked, “I’m good” was my standard response.

I didn’t expect (at my age, especially – you guys know) to be blown away by a conversation or to fall for someone based on his words to me.

I am quietly joyful.


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4 responses to “Joyous Stuff

  1. Lex

    So thrilled for you!

  2. That is absolutely fabulous. Am doing a happy dance for you.

  3. If this was a Facebook Status I’d like this a lot! 🙂

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