Superbowl Stuff

The nation is on fire! The Packers vs. The Steelers! The chips aisles in grocery stores are emptying and folks are sharing recipes for super-treats.

Everyone is excited. Everyone it seems except for me.

I love football. Love. It.

I thought that this year was THE year. The year of The Giants.

Alas, they were eliminated from the playoff race early despite a winning 10 and 6 record.

The pretenders, The New (Jersey) Jets, had a longer season and I was expected to root for them in lieu of my team.

NOPE! I couldn’t find it in me to go with the “home” team (as some of my fellow NYers did at the end) because the Gmen were out of the race.

I will watch the show tomorrow. I want to see the great commercials.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching great plays, but my heart won’t allow me to root for either team. I’m waiting for next year.

Go Giants!

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  1. Christian Oldershaw

    When I was a student at Tulane, I learned from experience to get out of town after Fat Tuesday because the following citywide hangover grew oppressive. It feels a little like the day after Mardi Gras here on this gray, rainy Monday in New Orleans, but more satisfying. One of the nuttiest Super Bowls in memory capped off a terrific week for New Orleans. Perhaps I stayed a couple days extra in the city with my family because I don’t want to go home.”

    Please do look at our new blog page

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