Mommy Talk Stuff

Definitions in the mom-language I used with my children.

We’ll see We won’t see, but I don’t want to have this out with you right now because I’m busy and I need to finish a couple of things and I don’t need a whining child right now. Hopefully you’ll forget about it soon and we won’t have to hash this out.

Go clean your room! Now! : This child had better move out of my range of vision so that I don’t lose it.

Go take a bath: I can’t believe that this child can accumulate so much dirt in one afternoon – My God, what is that stench?

Dinner!: I’m tired, I worked all day and my feet hurt. These children had better eat this food with no complaints.  I am not a maid and this is not a restaurant and this is the best I could do, doggone it. Just let one of them open their mouth to tell me that they don’t like their dinner – boy….! I swear to God…!

Maybe for Christmas If this child thinks I’m going to spend over $100 for a damn game…oooh…. and the others have lists. Lists! They’ll get what I can afford this year. Sigh.

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