Grouchy Grammar Stuff

I’m firm in my stance – except when I’m not.

Grammar is very important to me most of the time, and I cringe just a little bit every single time I hear the song “Where You At?” by the beautiful Jennifer Hudson. The melody is lovely, her voice is beautiful and the sentiment is touching. The chorus, however, annoys the hell out of me.

Where you at?




I used to be a songwriter and I do understand the importance of a catchy chorus.  Maybe my unwillingness to use such a hook is the reason that I’m a former songwriter instead of a current and successful writer. Maybe I’m old fashioned and just don’t get it when it comes to new music.

I do get it when it comes to the hits of my own generation and NOW I understand why my Dad used to get so annoyed when I played this song: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.


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2 responses to “Grouchy Grammar Stuff

  1. I’m with you!!! I’m an editor so maybe that’s why I cringe at bad grammar (and SPELLING!) too. Although on Maury Povich, it makes me laugh. For example, when they yell to someone ‘You Ain’t Nothin’!!” Ummm…doesn’t that make them ‘something??’ It’s quite possibly the most hilarious non-insult ever.

  2. I tried songwriting in my teens and twenties, but my career never even took off enough to be a failed one because of a very large stick up my butt. I understood about rhythm but was too afraid of sounding illiterate. What would Cole Porter do, wherever he’s at?

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