Miss Jean Louis

Miss Jean Louis was born in Djibouti, a small nation in Northeastern Africa to French Nationals who loved the beauty and serenity of their chosen home. It has been said that a magical chanting was heard as the midwife delivered the baby.

French Somaliland (as the area was known at time) was a harsh place for an inquisitive young girl, so for the safety of their child, the family emigrated to the United States soon after Ms.Jean Louis learned to speak.

Miss Jean Louis was born near the end of the nineteenth century, in 1887 and has achieved quite a bit in her 129 years on earth. She is fluent in French, Arabic, English, and Pig Latin but rarely speaks. Her piercing glance conveys her message to those wise enough to watch their backs when in her company.

If you’ve read the novel, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, then you understand that there is a picture somewhere, locked away and aging, while Miss Jean Louis appears the same as she did back as a “Flapper” in 1921.

Her clothing style changed with the times, but she looked the part of the bored young ingenue trying to be a bad girl when she attended the Rockefeller Foundation’s New Year’s Eve Party in 1956. (see photo below)


Ms. Jean Louis went underground from the 1960s until the 1980s and there is no photographic record of her appearance until MTV aired the video “867-5309-Jenny” by Tommy Tutone. Ms. Jean Louis appeared in the video as Jenny with blonde hair rather than her usual auburn tinted short locks.

She was spotted at the Oscars as a chorus line dancer, and then again when she appeared in an uncredited role in 2006 on the television show, “Supernatural” as “screaming girl”.

We are patiently awaiting her next public appearance. I’m sure she’ll look as young as always.

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