Mommy Talk Stuff

Definitions in the mom-language I used with my children.

We’ll see We won’t see, but I don’t want to have this out with you right now because I’m busy and I need to finish a couple of things and I don’t need a whining child right now. Hopefully you’ll forget about it soon and we won’t have to hash this out.

Go clean your room! Now! : This child had better move out of my range of vision so that I don’t lose it.

Go take a bath: I can’t believe that this child can accumulate so much dirt in one afternoon – My God, what is that stench?

Dinner!: I’m tired, I worked all day and my feet hurt. These children had better eat this food with no complaints.  I am not a maid and this is not a restaurant and this is the best I could do, doggone it. Just let one of them open their mouth to tell me that they don’t like their dinner – boy….! I swear to God…!

Maybe for Christmas If this child thinks I’m going to spend over $100 for a damn game…oooh…. and the others have lists. Lists! They’ll get what I can afford this year. Sigh.


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Superbowl Stuff

The nation is on fire! The Packers vs. The Steelers! The chips aisles in grocery stores are emptying and folks are sharing recipes for super-treats.

Everyone is excited. Everyone it seems except for me.

I love football. Love. It.

I thought that this year was THE year. The year of The Giants.

Alas, they were eliminated from the playoff race early despite a winning 10 and 6 record.

The pretenders, The New (Jersey) Jets, had a longer season and I was expected to root for them in lieu of my team.

NOPE! I couldn’t find it in me to go with the “home” team (as some of my fellow NYers did at the end) because the Gmen were out of the race.

I will watch the show tomorrow. I want to see the great commercials.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching great plays, but my heart won’t allow me to root for either team. I’m waiting for next year.

Go Giants!

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Joyous Stuff

Remember that feeling? That OMG I passed the final exam or the I can ride a big girl’s bike feeling?

Remember when you were picked for the team or won first prize for something that was really hard for you? Remember THAT feeling?

Remember your first taste of tiramisu or your first meal after a fast or a cool glass of water after a long walk?

How about that day you learned that you got the job you wanted. That job! Remember how you felt?

I was doing okay. There was nothing wrong in my life. I filled my day with activity and if anyone asked, “I’m good” was my standard response.

I didn’t expect (at my age, especially – you guys know) to be blown away by a conversation or to fall for someone based on his words to me.

I am quietly joyful.


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New Books to Read! Yay! (via userdefinedlogic)

Due to sadness, this post has been removed.



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Racist Immigration Laws

The Chinese Exclusion Act is a shameful piece of racist legislation. (the following is a quote from wiki):

“With the post Civil War economy in decline by the 1870s, anti-Chinese animosity became politicized by labor leader Dennis Kearney and his Workingman’s Party[2] as well as by California Governor John Bigler, both of whom blamed Chinese “coolies” for depressed wage levels. Another significant anti-Chinese group organized in California during this same era was the Supreme Order of Caucasians with some 64 chapters statewide.”

This sounds to me EXACTLY like what the Governor of Arizona and the Republican candidates for Governor in Georgia are saying about Latino immigrants. This is what ” good ole Americans” have always been saying about the most recent immigrant group to hit our shores.

My heart is breaking to see other citizens of the world being treated this way. No matter how many people quote the “jobs bullshit” or the “crime bullshit”, it’s simply racism and our country’s morals are going bankrupt. We need to remove the Statue of Liberty and admit that we don’t give a shit about the poor, the tired or the huddling masses yearning to breath free.

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Event Stuff

I’m holding an event today and I hope to make it a regular thing.

I’m calling it “Asshole-Free Tuesday”.

I’d like everyone to participate and the requirement is simple: DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you open your mouth to speak today, please remember what the day is, and modify your speech appropriately.  DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you cut that car off in your rush to get home to do nothing in particular, think for a moment and let that car go. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you have a loud conversation on the train tonight, think about the other passengers riding with you who really don’t give a shit and who really don’t want to hear about what you and Pookie did last night. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you give a few hours of additional work to your staff at five minutes to five, stop and remember that they have committments outside the office, and if this really needed to be done, you would have assigned it earlier in the day. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you take her number, decide if you’re really going to call her. If not, just decline the offer and go on with your life. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you take your 19 items to the 12 items or less register, look around and see all the tired people in the store who all want to get home as much as you do and take your butt to the proper register. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you accept the drink from the stranger at the bar, decide if you want his company. If not, pay for your own damn drink. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you send that forward to your whole online  address book, read it again and check Snopes or other references. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

Before you start bashing any group, realize that you’re probably being an asshole. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

I’d like everyone to participate in my event today. It’s not difficult to stop being an asshole, at least for just one day.


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I’m Sad Stuff

No matter what you’re going through (and I know some have it tough today), imagine dealing with your exact same situation while living in Haiti. Appreciate your life and do what you can to help. Please.


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